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Sustainability - What are we doing?

At Emma Ford we value the people that work with us and the environment, we are committed to making swimwear that puts those values first and are always looking for better ways to deliver these commitments.

Swimwear Production

Our collections are made throughout New Zealand and we have a close relationship with our makers, we have worked with them for many years.  Each cut of Emma Ford is made ensuring we have the most minimal amount of fabric wastage, any scraps along with card packaging are donated to local schools for crafting!


We believe in a little packaging as possible, so when you receive your beautiful purchase don't expect lots of plastic, expect a handwritten note from designer Emma within a compostable eco courier bag.

When EF swimsuits arrive from our factory we do not use plastic packaging, so you can be sure that each step of production is carefully thought about how to reduce our plastic use.


We create garments that last, they stand the test of time as well as being beautiful and flattering. They will not end up in the landfill within a season and we as consumers help make the difference by buying less and choosing top quality pieces.

We currently use Econyl fabric for some of our swimsuits (styles will have details on product pages) Econyl is a high quality Lycra made from recycled fishing nets carpets and plastic waste found in the ocean. If you would like more information on this fabric please get intouch.

ALL our swimwear is lined with Econyl lining.

We currently are unable to produce our beautiful shimmery lycra fabric in recycled fabric but hope to do so in the future.

Would you like to know more? Please send us an email or follow our journey via social media and we would love you to sign up for our newsletter.

Emma xx